We are open from 6:15 AM - 6:00 PM and take children from the ages of 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

We have 2 buildings located at 3224 Barksdale Blvd. Children 6 weeks to 3 years of age are located in the main Center, "Building A", and children from age 4 to 12 are in the Gymnasium,"Building B".

RULES and fees

When you enroll your child, you will receive a Parent Handbook which will inform you of our Center's rules as well as those set forth by the State, Dept. of Education. We advise all of our parents to read the Parent Handbook.

When you enroll your child, you are reserving and paying for a "spot" and therefore, tuition is paid by the "spot" and not by the "attendance" of your child; it would be impossible to predict staffing needs based soley on attendance, therefore we staff based on the total available "spots".

Tuition fees vary by age and situation. For example, the weekly fees for our  before and after school care may vary by the school's location and distance from the Center. For current pricing, please call the Center and let us know what your needs are. 



From the age of 2, we teach the......which includes Literacy Tools, Math Tools, Music and Movement, Science Tools, Art Supplies and Social Tools. These tools are the core foundation of your child's learning experience here at Bedrock Academy Inc.  

*Parents are billed separately for the curriculum and are required to provide additional school supplies.

Building A - The Main Center                   Building B - The Gymnasium